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      And if love is love is love
      then love is the slice of frosted cake
      sitting on the silver spatula hes holding
      ?steady wrist, reaching arm ?/div>
      the cute wedge he has cut for Alaina.
      The phone rings. He freezes.
      If love is the thin strip of green
      on her summer dress
      or the elegant stretch of her body
      smoothly espousing the lawn
      then her body is a highway longing the shore
      as he drives in a daze.
      The light sundress, remember?
      Thin line colour of sweet olive
      coiling now to surround the china
      of the saucer ?bone-white ?/div>
      with a listel of gold.
      If love is a body, is a body.
      As he drives
      hands clasped on the wheel,
      heart hushed, brains on mute,
      waves relentlessly lick the sand.
      Foam like sugar, like whipped cream
      on his fingers, her lips.


      Toti O'Brien
        ?/span>The Moth is a beautiful creature?/span> David Mitchell

      It manages to have gravitas and coolness simultaneously?/span> National Poetry Library (UK)

      ?/span>No other magazine like it?/span> Billy Collins

      ?/span>A rare literary gem?/span> Dermot Healy

      ?/span>The Moth is an amazing magazine?/span> Donal Ryan

      ?/span>The Moth magazine is a thing of beauty?Caoilinn Hughes













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